Uses for a Life Care Plan (LCP) in the litigation process are multifold. The LCP gives the legal team a detailed outline of life-long needs in cases involving any type of illness or injury. This allows the team to project a person’s needs and treatment over the course of a life-time.

A detailed LCP will give credibility to the legal team as a basis for causation and damages. And, as a part of the team’s demonstrative evidence, an LCP can help the jury members to follow the explanation of injuries and treatment.

An LCP can also be used to dispute claims made by the opposition regarding the extent of injuries, the complexity of illness, and the projection of long term treatment. 

The types of cases in which LCPs are used include, but are not limited to, Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Products Liability, Toxic Tort or Environmental Cases, and Criminal Cases.

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